Testcase Maintenance in QA

Greetings! Have you come across a situation where you need to manage 200-400 test scenarios and had a tough time dealing with it? My answer is Yes and has been in those situations multiple times. Below are some basic guidelines I followed to make my life easy 🙂 It can apply to both manual and automation.

1. Audit of test cases (once a quarter)
2. Test case execution to check the product’s reliability and the script’s health. (stability and reliability are two different entities)
3. Check with the product manager on cases that need to be updated.
4. Have an SDET within an organization to assist the agile team in the maintenance of the framework.
5. Integrate the existing test cases with continuous integration (CI) tools like CirlceCI, Bitrise, Jenkins. (I have not specified CD on purpose)
6. Make the test case documentation agile in nature and avoid waterfall practice like ‘steps for cases’
7. Bring value to test cases by using valid randomize test data.
8. Categorize test cases by priority, business impact, sections, smoke, regression, and custom tags.
9. Archive old test cases
10. Monitor the maintenance of test cases by the QA who is collaborating with an agile team.
11. Split bigger test cases into atomic size.
12. Remove duplicate test cases.
13. Split the flaky and non-flaky test cases.
14. Perform regular audit of the framework code


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